Why is the Concept Plan being developed?

    The Queensland Government is committed to developing a Concept Plan for the Breakfast Creek Sports Precinct at Albion to enable the delivery of a key venue for Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games and to create a sustainable legacy for the community. A Concept Plan for the precinct will guide all future development on the site, ensuring projects are coordinated, well-planned, and responsive to community needs.

    Who is responsible for developing the Concept Plan?

    The Concept Plan is being developed by the Queensland Government in partnership with the Australian Government with input from key stakeholder Brisbane City Council (Council). Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) is the State Government agency responsible for leading the Concept Plan development.

    Where is the Concept Plan area?

    The Concept Plan area is a 29-hectare site that includes Crosby Park and the Albion Park Paceway. A diagram of the Concept Plan area is available on the project page.

    What is being considered as part of the Concept Plan?

    The Breakfast Creek Sports Precinct, Albion, Concept Plan will map out a mixed-use community precinct including:

    • Indoor sporting facilities, including the new Breakfast Creek Indoor Sports Centre (BCISC)
    • Outdoor sporting facilities, including the existing Brothers Rugby Club and Queensland Cricket
    • Open green space, including a “Green Spine” to provide an active travel corridor from Crosby Road to the Brisbane River
    • Water harvesting opportunities
    • Opportunities for increased housing supply.

    Where will the BCISC be built?

    The BCISC will be built on the site of the current Albion Park Paceway.

    Why is the location for the BCISC different to the site identified by Council?

    The Concept Plan builds on the aspirations set out in Council’s concept plan, however work undertaken by the Queensland Government has identified the Albion Park Paceway as a more suitable site for the BCISC. Aspirations for the revitalised precinct include delivering more indoor and outdoor sporting facilities, improving open and green spaces, and exploring opportunities to increase housing supply, and the proposed location of the BCISC at the Albion Park Paceway site supports these goals.

    When will the BCISC be built?

    Construction is set to commence in 2026 and be completed by 2028.

    Who is paying for the BCISC?

    The BCISC is part of the Brisbane 2032 infrastructure program, which is funded by the Australian and Queensland Governments under the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games intergovernmental funding agreement. It is one of sixteen new or upgraded venues that will receive close to $1.87 billion in co-funding between the Australian and Queensland governments.

    How much is the BCISC going to cost?

    The project cost for the BCISC is still undergoing analysis and validation and will be confirmed once details are finalised.

    What will happen to sporting clubs during construction?

    The Queensland Government will work with these clubs to ensure any works can be achieved with minimal disruption.

    What will happen to Racing Queensland clubs?

    The Albion Park Paceway is currently home to the Albion Park Harness Racing Club and the Brisbane Greyhound Racing Club, managed by Racing Queensland. The Queensland Government continues to work with Racing Queensland on their new plans for south-east Queensland.

    Will any trees be removed?

    It is not yet known if any trees will be removed to facilitate development on the Concept Plan site. Preparation of the Concept Plan will include input from a specialist arborist to advise on tree retention. It is the intention to retain as many trees as possible, and supplement precinct planning with a comprehensive planting strategy.

    Will the Breakfast Creek Hotel be impacted?

    The Breakfast Creek Hotel is not within the Concept Plan area.