What is a Development Scheme?

    A Development Scheme is a regulatory document designed to control land use and infrastructure planning. A Development Scheme:

    • establishes the development intent for a PDA and sets the planning policy against which future development applications are assessed
    • provides a framework to coordinate development activities that enable desired outcomes

    Before finalising a Development Scheme, the Minister for Economic Development Queensland (MEDQ) invites community feedback about a draft plan for a PDA known as a Proposed Development Scheme. 

    What is the Woolloongabba Plan?

    The Woolloongabba Plan is the Proposed Development Scheme for the Woolloongabba PDA.  

    The Woolloongabba Plan has been prepared for the Woolloongabba PDA. It proposes a regulatory framework comprising a Vision and a range of PDA development requirements to manage the PDA’s transformative change and urban renewal. The Woolloongabba Plan does not propose development.

    What is a proposed Development Scheme?

    Put simply, a proposed Development Scheme is a draft development scheme which is released for public notification, seeking feedback from the community, prior to finalisation. 

    Between 2 May 2024 and 14 June 2024, the community is invited to comment on the proposed development scheme (The Woolloongabba Plan) for the Woolloongabba PDA by making a submission. 

    Further information about how to make a submission can be found here.

    How does the Proposed Development Scheme relate to the Interim Land Use Plan?

    The Woolloongabba PDA Interim Land Use Plan commenced upon declaration of the Woolloongabba PDA on 22 September 2023. It regulates development within the PDA in an interim capacity until a development scheme is finalised. Once the Proposed Development Scheme has been finalised, it will replace the current Interim Land Use Plan.

    When will the Development Scheme for the Woolloongabba PDA be finalised?

    The Development Scheme for the Woolloongabba PDA is anticipated to be finalised by September 2024.

    How do I comment on the Proposed Development Scheme for the Woolloongabba PDA?

    The community is invited to comment on the proposed development scheme by making a submission during the submission period, being 2 May 2024 to 14 June 2024. 

    Further information about how to make a submission can be found here.

    To find out about upcoming engagement activities please register and follow the 

    Who is responsible for assessing development applications in the Woolloongabba PDA?

    Any development applications lodged after the date of declaration (22 September 2023) and within the Woolloongabba PDA boundary are assessed by the Minister of Economic Development Queensland (MEDQ) against the planning and assessment framework in force at the time of lodgement.

    It is important to note that any development applications lodged with Brisbane City Council prior to the declaration of the PDA will continue to be assessed by Brisbane City Council under its planning and assessment framework.

    Is there any guidance about how to make a submission about a Proposed Development Scheme?

    Yes, the EDQ website contains information about making a submission about a proposed Development Scheme, which you can access 

    What is the Draft Public Ream Guideline?

    The Draft Public Realm Guideline supports The Woolloongabba Plan by providing additional guidance around:

    • public realm outcomes, including more open space and green streets 
    • how proposed developments can achieve consistency with the PDA’s Vision and relevant PDA development requirements.

    What is the Interim Infrastructure Plan Background Report (Interim IPBR) for the Woolloongabba PDA?

    The Interim IPBR details baseline infrastructure and ultimate infrastructure requirements to the ultimate planning horizon of 2066. 

    The Interim IPBR does not address financial sustainability, development charges, and the process of determining charges. These aspects will be addressed as part of a forthcoming Development Charges and Offset Plan (DCOP) that will undergo a separate public consultation process following finalisation of The Woolloongabba Plan. 

    When will the draft Development Charges and Offset Plan (DCOP) be made available for public comment?

    It is anticipated that the draft DCOP will be available for public comment between December 2024 and February 2025.

    Will the Queensland Government’s commitment to 50% open space and provision of social and affordable housing for the Woolloongabba Cross River Rail (CRR) precinct be retained?

    Whilst the above commitments pre-date the declaration of the Woolloongabba PDA, the Queensland Government remains dedicated to its commitments. 

    The proposed Development Scheme includes provisions to ensure that 50% of the CRR precinct is delivered as open space, including a new Central Park.

    The proposed Development Scheme also includes provisions to ensure more diverse and affordable housing, including 20% social or affordable housing and accessible housing.

    What is happening with the Gabba Stadium?

    The previously proposed re-build of the Gabba Stadium will not proceed, and consideration will now be given to a modest enhancement of the existing facility. The Queensland Government proposes that the Gabba Stadium will continue as Brisbane’s home of cricket and AFL, hosting major events including international Test matches and the Brisbane Lions.

    Stadiums Queensland will remain responsible for maintaining its venues to be fit for purpose, implementing ongoing capital works and maintenance programs.

    The final scope of works and investment will be subject to consultation with the sports and relevant stakeholders. The investment to be made at the Gabba Stadium will mean it is available to host appropriate Brisbane 2032 events, if required.

    Will the Gabba Stadium still be used for Brisbane 2032?

    In respect to the Gabba Stadium’s use during Brisbane 2032, sporting events will not be confirmed until 2025 and it will be up to the International Olympic Committee and the Organising Committee for the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games to determine the sports program and work with Games Partners to identify suitable venues. 

    The investment to be made at the Gabba Stadium will mean it is available to host appropriate Games events, if required

    What is happening with East Brisbane State School?

    East Brisbane State School will not need to vacate its current site by the end of 2025. However future works to the Gabba Stadium are expected to impact the school, and the Queensland Government will work closely with the school community as those plans develop.

    What is happening with Raymond Park?

    As track and field events will not be held at the Gabba Stadium then Raymond Park will not be included in Brisbane 2032 Games preparations and staging.

    The selection of venues for Brisbane 2032, including temporary venues, is a matter for the Brisbane 2032 Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.