What area does the WBB Regional Plan cover?

    The WBB region is identified as the local government areas of Bundaberg, Cherbourg, Fraser Coast, Gympie, North Burnett and South Burnett.

    Wide Bay Burnett has a regional plan, why is it being reviewed?

    The existing WBB Regional Plan was released in 2011. The shift in the economic and environmental context of the region requires the regional plan to be updated to reflect contemporary factors, opportunities and challenges. The plan will also respond to projected population increase.

    What is the process for the WBB review?

    The current Wide Bay Burnett Regional Plan will be reviewed and an updated draft plan will be prepared over the next six to nine months. Once prepared, the new draft plan will be released for public consultation to enable the community, business and industry to have their say. All comments and feedback will be considered, and a final Wide Bay Burnett Regional Plan will be released.

    What are regional plans and what do they aim to achieve?

    In Queensland, regional plans are generally longer term (20-25 years) statutory strategic planning documents that deal with an entire region, rather than just one local government area. Regional planning allows the state and local governments to identify and facilitate opportunities for employment and population changes while enhancing the places and lifestyle residents love about their region.

    How will the regional plan support jobs and grow the economy?

    The WBB region is home to nearly 300,000 people and is expected to grow in the future. The regional plan is a high-level strategic document that identifies key industry growth areas and supports investment in the development of emerging industries, while also supporting the continued growth of the region’s traditional industries. This regional plan will also have an enhanced focus on economic development, which translates to supporting jobs and growing the economy. 

    What will the review of the WBB Regional Plan seek to address?

    With more people choosing to live, work and play in the region, we need to ensure the region grows in a sustainable way – socially, environmentally and economically. The review of the regional plan provides an opportunity to respond to new and emerging issues and opportunities and develop a blueprint to manage future growth and ensure availability of the right land in the right locations to support future jobs, housing and recreation.

    Will the community be able to have their say during the review of the WBB Regional Plan?

    Yes. Throughout the review process there will be opportunities for the community to have their say and provide their ideas on the future of the WBB region.

    How can people contribute to the economic priorities?

    Through consultation with regional representatives as part of the regional plan review, an economic strategy will be developed that includes a set of key economic priorities.  

    If the region is growing, how can we accommodate more people and maintain our lifestyle?

    Given the region’s emphasis on lifestyle, it is essential communities continue to develop as great places to live and provide a sense of community and regional character. 

    Will the regional plan directly affect what I can do on my property?

    It is unlikely that the regional plan will directly affect individual properties.

    How does the regional plan protect the environment?

    A regional plan seeks to ensure places with high biodiversity value and ecological processes are appropriately protected. This is done by mapping the regional biodiversity network for councils to consider when preparing their planning schemes. The plan also nominates strategic environmental areas, within which certain large development types, such as mining and broadacre cropping, must demonstrate they will not jeopardise ecological integrity or cause widespread irreversible impacts.