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    Hello, I am interested in hearing more about the residential properties that will be at this site. Where will they be advertised and will they go on the market?

    AJG asked 25 days ago

    Thank you for your query.

    The approved Parkside Yeronga residential projects, being retirement living (Retire Australia), affordable housing (Brisbane Housing Company), and traditional small lot town homes (JGL Properties) will be coming to the market in early 2024, at which time details of individual developments will be available to the public.

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    Hi my daughter lives on villa st where it narrows to virtually one way and gets extremely busy . I am worried about the added traffic driving to and from Ipswich rd from this new development. Can you please advise me how you will address this ? Kind regards Fiona Hoad

    Fiona Hoad asked about 2 years ago

    Hi Fiona, thanks for your question in relation to traffic generated by the development and the impact on the surrounding roads. A traffic impact analysis has been completed to confirm the surrounding road network would operate efficiently and within typical practical limits at the completion of the proposal and for a 10-year planning horizon thereafter.  This information is included in the recent master plan application which can be found in Appendix D Traffic Impact Assessment Report.  All documents associated with the application are available on Economic Development Queensland’s (EDQ) current applications web page reference DEV2021/1221.

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    As a parent of children attending Yeronga State School and P&C member, we have concerns about the heavy articulated vehicles passing the school frontage along Park Road between 7am and 4pm when children arrive for before school activities, during school hours and during afternoon pick up. Please email me a copy of the Contractor's Traffic Management Plan and record or evidence of EDQ Approval of the TMP and details of the Project Manager in EDQ whom I can contact to discuss.

    green_eyed_bumble_bee asked almost 5 years ago

    Thank you for your question. The safety of pedestrians and vehicles around the Yeronga PDA is our priority, and has been well considered by the demolition contractor conducting the works.

    The contractor has engaged a consultant to prepare a Traffic Guidance Scheme which includes a number of traffic management measures. In relation to entering and exiting the site, it is a requirement for spotters to be in place on the Villa Street entry. The purpose of these spotters is to ensure trucks are entering the site safely, and no pedestrians are nearby. The spotters also assist the trucks when entering and exiting site and are positioned at the gate during hours of work. If there is a time when a spotter is not present, traffic control signage, which is also informed by the Traffic Guidance Scheme, is erected along Villa Street in order to manage the speed of general traffic and heighten awareness of truck movements.

    When there are more complex movements, such as a delivery or removal from site of an excavator, there are three traffic controllers in place in addition to signage vehicles.  

    Workplace Health and Safety Queensland monitors the safe work practices on this site and have been conducting regular inspections through the course of the works, with no concerns raised to date.

    We acknowledge your request for a copy of the traffic management plan, however it is not standard practice to release this documentation and it has not been included in this response.

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    Can you advise who the architect or developer is designing the project?

    Kevin Sheppard asked almost 5 years ago

    Currently there is no architect or developer designing the site. An Expression of Interest was released in September 2018 to procure a development partner to undertake the design and development of the site. The successful proponent is expected to be appointed by mid-2019.

    EDQ is also drafting a development scheme that is expected to be released for public notification and public comment in the coming months. This will provide the planning framework for the design outcomes for the site.

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    What time in the morning is demolition/construction permitted to start?

    Lbourke asked almost 5 years ago

    Thank you for your question. The restrictions on audible work activity permit construction to occur Monday to Saturday 6.30 am to 6.30 pm. Brisbane City Council regulations can be viewed on the website, and are also available here.

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    Surely with the current demand for schools in the area (with the Dutton Park debate raging) and future development earmarked for much of the catchment - including high density though much of greenslopes, there is argument that Ed department could justify holding on to this site for future expansions to Yeronga State High.

    Fi asked over 5 years ago

    The site has been deemed surplus and at this stage is not required by the Queensland Government.

    The future needs of Yeronga State High School are currently being considered by the Department of Education through the Building Future Schools program. The program aims to support Brisbane's growing inner-city communities and plan for the forecast growth and demand for school placements. 

    The Department of Education has committed to developing master plans for all inner city schools, including Yeronga State High School, to identify the capacity of the school to accommodate future growth.

    The master plan will assist in planning for the future infrastructure needs of the school community as part of the inner city schooling network.

    Working in partnership with the school, its community and stakeholders enables the department to effectively direct investment and development to meet the needs of these communities.

    For further information about the Building Future Schools program visit www.advancingeducation.qld.gov.au/building-future-schools

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    what are you going to do to reduce the current traffic congestion in the greater area especially given the significant high density development.

    Broadmere1 asked over 5 years ago

    Thank you for your question. Please see the response provided to trlissat on 17 Mar under the 'traffic tab of the Q&A tool.

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    I read that a max of 3 storeys for buildings on Villa st and Park rd is a given. Higher may be allowed centrally.....if so what will the max number of storeys be?

    Gardengirl asked over 5 years ago

    A commitment has been made that the heights of any new buildings which front Park Road and Villa Street will not exceed the height of the current buildings. This is approximately three storeys.

    In relation to the remainder of the site, the slope of the site towards the north does lend itself to more than three storeys in the central part of the site, however no decision has been made in relation to height as yet.

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    Development of this site with a significant increase in residential in the area will impact the numbers of cars entering the Fairfield/Venner Road roundabout from Park Road. This is already a difficult entry point during peak hour. The left turn off Park Road onto Fairfield will also be impacted, as too will the Villa Street intersection onto Ipswich road. Will this plan also address the road impacts resulting from the increase in local traffic?

    trliss asked over 5 years ago

    Once a decision is made regarding the form and scale of development on the Villa Street, Yeronga site, estimated dwelling and population data will inform a detailed traffic analysis for the site. This will help EDQ understand any impacts on the local road network that directly result from the redevelopment and any actions that need to be taken to mitigate these impacts such as intersection upgrades, changes to speed limits or lane widening.

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    Providing a multi-use Community Hub facility should be a key priority. What is the current view of the priority of this and the size in relation to the rest of the site.

    BrissieBoy#123 asked over 5 years ago

    A commitment was made at the recent election to deliver a permanent home for the Yeronga Community Centre (YCC) on the Villa Street, Yeronga site.  Following the community consultation process, EDQ will undertake an expression of interest (EOI) campaign to understand what other community uses could be co-located with the YCC. In mid-2018, a decision will be made on how the development will progress including consideration of the staging and size of the community facility.