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At Songbird Oxley, we’re bringing Living Harmony to life, by embedding local stories, characters and memories into the public spaces, art, design and community activities.

Have you got a story, a memory or an interesting fact about Songbird? We would love to hear it. What are the memories of beloved past uses, people and events that helped shape this treasured lifestyle affectionately known as ‘the Oxley way’? What do you know of the unique characteristics, flora and fauna of the land? These local insights are important to this place as we begin a new journey with our emerging community.

Post a photo, video or text and share your story on the board.

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    by hallcol, 2 months ago

    The site has only ever been The Oxley High School. Nothing else was ever there other than natural Bush land. Obviously any references to Song Bird is when it was named by EDQ at the start of the development. So there is no history there. All the history would be from the high school years. As for placing dead wooden poles at the entrance is a slap in the face to all the trees that were removed. Obviously the person designing it who is supposed to be a local has never seen the same poles at The Oxley Common. They... Continue reading

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    Grass sledding

    by Michelle, 3 months ago
    My boys and I would spend hours sledding down the grassy hillsides on pieces of cardboard