How can I have my say on the future development of the Herston Quarter PDA?

    The proposed development scheme is currently out for public submission. During the submission period, all interested parties including the community, residents, and business operators are invited to view the proposed development scheme and make a written submission for consideration by the Minister for Economic Development Queensland.

    What is a proposed development scheme?

    The Herston Quarter PDA Proposed Development Scheme is the overarching planning document that operates effectively in planning, carrying out, promoting, coordinating and controlling the development of land in the Herston Quarter PDA. The proposed development scheme sets out the land uses, development criteria and infrastructure envisaged for the PDA, and will supersede the Interim Land Use Plan (ILUP) that has been in place since declaration of the PDA in November 2016.

    Will the heritage buildings remain?

    Yes. The heritage buildings will remain in the PDA and be revitalised with a range of new uses such as cafes, restaurants and student accommodation that will breathe new life in to the precinct. Some changes to the heritage buildings may need to occur to improve the heritage look and feel (e.g. removal of later extensions),provide better access and usability, and meet up-to-date building standards.

    There are a number of significant state-listed heritage buildings within the PDA including the Lady Lamington building and towers, Edith Cavell building (originally used as nurses' accommodation), and the Lady Norman building (the only remaining original children's hospital building).

    How will traffic be managed in the redevelopment?

    The proposed development scheme requires development in the PDA to ensure the safety and
    operation of the public road network and cycle and pedestrian paths are not adversely impacted, both
    inside and outside of the PDA. During the development approval process, EDQ will require the developer to prepare a traffic management plan to address these requirements as well as deal with other matters including parking and access during and after construction.

    How will the proposed development provide sufficient parking?

    The proposed development scheme applies the Brisbane City Council City Plan parking ratios for all new buildings in the PDA. As well as a new, larger multi-storey car park in the north of the PDA to replace and expand upon the current Bramston Terrace car park, the development will also be required to provide parking for the new buildings.This includes any new residential development. It is recognised that an integrated parking solution is critical to the success of the PDA and will continue to be assessed by EDQ throughout the plan making and development assessment process.

    How will other construction impacts be managed including traffic, noise, vibration and dust?

    Construction impacts must be addressed by the developer during the development assessment process including preparation of a construction management plan. This plan typically defines the arrangements and procedures to be put in place to minimise adverse impacts on the local area including traffic, dust, noise and vibration. This is especially important for the Herston Quarter PDA given its proximity to homes and the hospital.

    Development will also need to meet a number of acoustic and air quality standards to ensure construction and ongoing operation of the development addresses any possible adverse impacts. The developer will be responsible for managing these impacts during the construction process. EDQ has the ability to take action where the developer does not comply with the construction management plan.

    How has the community been involved in the project to date?

    Community consultation has occurred throughout the Herston Quarter redevelopment project, including stakeholder briefings, correspondence from government representatives, e-newsletters to subscribers and a regularly updated website. A publicly notified community workshop was also held in November 2015 which helped shape the proposed master plan for the Herston Quarter. Following the state government and Australian Unity executing a contract in early 2017, Metro North Hospital and Health Services (MNHHS) have also regularly engaged with the Herston Health Precinct community about the proposed redevelopment. Download a detailed project and engagement timeline for further details.

    Who is responsible for what elements of the development?

    Development of the Herston Quarter PDA involves a number of organisations performing various roles over the life of the proposed renewal of the site. Queensland Treasury managed the competitive bid process. Metro North Hospital and Health Services is the State Government's project manager for the site's renewal with oversight of the contractual arrangement with Australian Unity (the developer). EDQ is the responsible planning agency (including plan making and development assessment) rather than Brisbane City Council (BCC). BCC remains involved in the planning process and is responsible for other matters including local infrastructure networks and management of local laws.

    Why has the PDA been declared?

    The Herston Quarter PDA was declared to establish the necessary policy framework to support the intended development and community outcomes for the area. The redevelopment of the PDA will include a Specialist Rehabilitation and Ambulatory Care Centre, a private hospital, aged care and retirement living, residential accommodation, childcare facilities and retail and restaurant facilities to support the new mixed-use community.

    For more information on the Herston Quarter project visit the Queensland Treasury website

    What is the vision for the Herston Quarter PDA?

    Development in the Herston Quarter PDA will capitalise on and leverage the convenience and quality of the adjacent institutions, heritage places, public transport infrastructure and RBWH to support employment growth in health and knowledge industries and deliver a unique and world-class destination for Brisbane. While development will have an emphasis on health-related uses, the PDA will also provide a mix of other complementary uses to support this outcome.

    Development in the Herston Quarter will achieve this vision by:

    • delivering a range of new and exemplary clinical, biomedical and complementary health-related uses including a Specialist Rehabilitation and Ambulatory Care Centre (SRACC) and a private hospital
    • creating a vibrant and highly active mixed-use precinct that supports the surrounding health, research and education uses through provision of commercial, residential, retirement, child care, aged care, community and ancillary retail uses
    • providing improved amenity for users of facilities in the PDA and the RBWH including delivery of a range of diverse, interconnected and activated public realm spaces that encourage formal and informal interactions and promote wellbeing
    • promoting high-quality urban design in the built form and public realm including best practice sub-tropical design
    • providing a new integrated parking station to service the needs of staff and visitors to the RBWH and the PDA providing for the conservation and adaptive re-use of heritage places to ensure their ongoing use, preservation and recognition of the site’s cultural heritage
    • maximising the infrastructure investment in the Inner Northern and Northern Busway by promoting integration between new development in the PDA and the Herston and RBWH busway stations
    • contributing to a unique sense of identity for the PDA and surrounding area
    • improving the connectivity, permeability, safety and accessibility within the PDA for vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians
    • improving the integration between the PDA, the RBWH and the surrounding community including physically and visually reconnecting the heritage places within the PDA to its southern and western edges.

    Who will prepare the Herston Quarter PDA development scheme?

    The development scheme will be prepared by EDQ in consultation with state agencies and other stakeholders.

    Who will undertake the development assessment for the Herston Quarter PDA?

    Development assessment for Herston Quarter PDA will be undertaken by EDQ.

    What happens when a development application is made in the Herston Quarter PDA?

    A PDA development application will be assessed against the purposes of the ED Act and the Herston Quarter PDA Interim Land Use Plan (ILUP) until the development scheme has been finalised.

    Any development applications made under the ILUP may require public notification if it is considered to have adverse impacts on adjoining land or amenity.

    How does the ED Act development assessment process differ from the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 development assessment process?

    Development applications over land within a PDA are made against the ILUP, instead of the local planning scheme and assessed under the ED Act. Under this Act, the assessment process generally occurs within 40 business days. This timeframe does not include circumstances where there is a need for additional information or public notice of the application.

    Development applications over land outside a PDA are made to and assessed by the local government authority under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 and the planning scheme.