Seeking community feedback

Following the acquisition of 148 hectares of land on the Southern Gold Coast to transform it into the Currumbin Eco-Parkland the Queensland Government is seeking community feedback on a range of options for the site. This information will help to ensure the project delivers on community expectations. Feedback is being sought on the proposed use, and prioritisation of investment, for the parkland.

The 148-hectare parkland site provides a unique opportunity for recreational purposes, the preservation and rehabilitation of sensitive environmental communities, and the protection of koala habitats and local fauna.

It is anticipated that, like other such parklands, the Currumbin Eco-Parkland will evolve over time and may take up to 10-15 years to develop the site for its intended purpose.

Accordingly, it’s important to understand the expectations and priorities of the community to ensure we get it right and deliver the things the community most want to see.

To obtain this feedback the Queensland Government has prepared an options plan for the Currumbin Eco-Parkland to illicit responses from the community.

EDQ plans to roll out the consultation process across two stages from mid-December 2021, through to the end of March 2022.

Phase 1 Consultation

EDQ has released an options plan for the Currumbin Eco-Parkland that shows ideas that could be delivered on the site.

The options plan for the Currumbin Eco-Parkland has been prepared based on consideration of the site constraints and opportunities, and a preliminary understanding of what the community would like to see in the parkland.

This is the starting point to creating a detailed master plan that will include all of the staging and cost requirements.

The options plan includes recreational facilities such as 17 kilometres of walking trails and a mountain biking skills precinct. The plan also includes a recreation and education precinct, which could be used for school camps as well as picnic areas, bird-hides, barbecue facilities, multiple lookouts, an information kiosk and a café

EDQ is seeking community feedback on the options plan.

During stage 1 of the consultation process community members can provide their feedback using a variety of methods:

This information will be used to further inform the master planning process and will close on 31 January 2022.

Phase 2 Consultation

EDQ is keen to hear from community members who are interested in attending consultation forums to be scheduled in February and March 2022 to discuss the future of the Currumbin Eco-Parkland. Forums will be designed based on the level of interest in community participation and we will be in contact in February 2022 to outline what is proposed.

Feedback from these forums will help inform the development of the master plan for the site.

To register your interest in being part of this process you must first be registered as a member of the Have your say page. Your details will assist us to keep in touch with you.

Registration will close at 5:00 pm on 31 January 2022. After 31 January, EDQ will contact all registered parties to discuss future strategy and activity.

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