Why did the development scheme need to be amended

    The PDA development scheme was 10 years old and it was timely to check and update the strategic land use and infrastructure plan so it can appropriately facilitate the next phase of development in the PDA.

    Bowen Hills PDA is a very important part of the Queensland Government’s strategy to support population and employment growth and enhance the lifestyle offering of Brisbane as the state’s capital city.

    The amended development scheme delivers on this strategy by providing for the long-term growth of around 23,000 new homes and one million square meters of commercial, retail and industrial floor space for new business investment and employment generating services.

    What are the most significant amendments to the Bowen Hills PDA Development Scheme

    The amended development scheme provides for new residential, commercial, retail and mixed-use development opportunities across the PDA.  It also raises standards for sustainability, design excellence and housing affordability ensuring quality developments for future residents and workers.

    These amendments are supported with an updated infrastructure plan and funding strategy, which ensures the sustainable delivery of infrastructure upgrades to support development planned for the PDA.

    Who prepared the current Bowen Hills PDA Development Scheme

    The Bowen Hills PDA Development Scheme was prepared by the Economic Development Queensland in consultation with Brisbane City Council, state agencies and the wider community.

    Who is responsible for assessing development applications in the Bowen Hills PDA

    Development assessment in the Bowen Hills PDA is conducted by Economic Development Queensland (EDQ).

    Development applications are assessed against the PDA development scheme. 

    View details of PDA development applications that have been lodged within the Bowen Hills PDA.

    How will building sustainability be achieved in the PDA

    New development in the PDA will achieve best practice sustainability certification such as the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) certification of 4 star Design and ‘As Built’ or EnviroDevelopment 6 Leaf certification or other equivalent rating standard.

    New development will demonstrate industry-leading green initiatives including electric vehicle charging, car sharing schemes, and best practice energy, water and waste management systems.

    How will development achieve design excellence

    The amended development scheme ensures the form, type and arrangement of buildings, streets and the public spaces will be planned to deliver best practice sub-tropical design that is suitable for Brisbane’s climate and improves the urban character of Bowen Hills.

    New development will apply design strategies that maximise natural light and air flow, reduce the extremes of temperature and direct solar heating and use landscaping, vegetation and large trees to soften the built form and provide shade and shelter for pedestrians and cyclists.

    Development in the mixed-use zone will also provide a minimum of 80 per cent of site area or 15 per cent of residential gross floor area as communal open space.  This new communal open space will provide improved amenity and facilities for the future residents and more opportunity for urban greening across Bowen Hills.

    To help encourage the delivery of communal open space, it will not be counted toward maximum building heights or development yield limits in the PDA.

    How will housing diversity be addressed cross the PDA

    Currently less than 2 per cent of all approved dwellings in the Bowen Hills PDA provide 3 or more bedrooms.  This restricted housing choice limits the potential for some segments of the community to live in Bowen Hills.

    There is a growing need to cater to a broad range of household types, including families in the inner city.  This need is matched by government investment with the building of the Inner City North State Secondary School, expanded health care services at the RBWH and Herston Quarter PDA and delivery of Cross River Rail’s Exhibition Station. 

    New development in the PDA will help to increase the supply of more housing choices by delivering 10 per cent of their floor space as 3-bedroom dwellings.

    How will the expected increase in population and the subsequent additional traffic be managed in and around the PDA

    New development in the PDA will have access to exceptional public transport services at the Bowen Hills rail station, the fully funded Cross River Rail at Exhibition Station and the Brisbane Metro at the RBWH busway. 

    The amended development scheme includes plans for new cycle infrastructure improving active transport accessibility across the city.  These improvements will help minimise private vehicle use and congestion on the local traffic network.

    EDQ has prepared plans for road and intersection upgrades to support development in and around the PDA including a new bridge, intersection and pedestrian crossing that links Hudd Street and Abbotsford Road next to the Bowen Hills railway station.

    What are the building height limits across the PDA

    On medium density residential zoned land along Cintra Road, the building height limits of four storeys will be retained.

    On high density residential zoned land east of Abbotsford Road, the eight storey building height limits will also be retained.

    The maximum building height for the mixed industry and business zone is eight storeys.

    The maximum building height in the industrial zone is 4 storeys.

    Throughout the remainder of the PDA, in the mixed-use zone, the maximum building height will range between eight storeys up to thirty storeys depending on lot size.  Building heights are scaled to increase with larger sized development sites.  This ensures a development’s functional requirements and separation from neighbouring properties are appropriately managed.

    Will there be any new infrastructure to accommodate the growing population

    The development scheme amendment includes a complete plan for infrastructure to support the development within the PDA.  The development scheme amendment is accompanied by a Development Charges and Offsets Plan which sets out mechanisms to support the sustainable funding and delivery of transport, park, community facility, stormwater, water and sewer networks.

    Are there any new parks or communal areas are planned for the PDA? If so, where will they be located

    A new park will be delivered on the corner of Main Road and Hudd Street near the Bowen Hills rail station.

    Other upgrades and embellishments will be made to Jeays Street Park, Perry Park and Hurworth Street Park to improve the amenity of the PDA and provide for the recreational needs of current and future residents.

    New and improved public open space within the Brisbane showgrounds will be made accessible to the public outside of event times.

    Will there be any active transport improvements

    The development scheme identifies new active transport connections to improve cycle accessibility across this important part of the city.

    Active transport upgrades will be made to O’Connell terrace providing an essential east/west cycle connection.

    Other upgrades will be made to Edmondstone Road, Hamilton Place, Brookes Street, Mayne Road, Thompson Street, Burrows Street and Tufton Street, providing improved safety and accessibility for cyclists.

    Will more car parking be provided for the increase in apartments

    The development scheme amendment encourages a reduction in private vehicle use by locating the greatest densities of development in close proximity to high service frequency public transport stations.

    The development scheme amendment requires new development to provide:

    • an average 0.75 spaces per dwelling plus 0.15 visitor parking space per dwelling;
    • car share facilities, rides share access and cycle storage facilities
    • facilities to support charging of electric vehicles.

    What will happen to the heritage listed buildings in the PDA

    To ensure the ongoing historical, character and cultural value of Bowen Hills is retained, development of all places listed on either the Queensland and Brisbane Heritage Registers will be regulated.

    Adaptive reuse opportunities will be encouraged to celebrate the heritage fabric of Bowen Hills.

    Any future additions or changes made to either the Queensland or Brisbane Heritage Registers will be reflected and managed in the Bowen Hills PDA.